• Experiencing Pentecost

    Pentecost is an event from the past that we are invited to celebrate and experience in the present. 40 days after Jesus died and rose again, he ascended into heaven. He gave his followers a simple instruction - stay here, stay together and wait - you will receive power from the Holy Spirit. It was on the day of Pentecost that this promise was fulfilled. God's Spirit remains active and present within our world - in obedience to Christ's command, Christians of every tradition gathered together in one place at Liverpool Cathedral to seek God's presence afresh.

    Some of those present shared their own story of how they have experienced the living presence of God in their lives. We were delighted to be joined by members of Chemin Neuf; a community of Christian believers committed to a Spirit-filled faith and working to seek unity and reconciliation. As a congregation we asked God to forgive us for our short-comings, and to make us fit to be filled afresh with his Holy Spirit.

    On the first Christian Pentecost, the early disciples experienced what seemed like a rushing wind and tongues of fire resting on each of them, but more significantly they were transformed by God's presence and took to the streets in celebration. In our Pentecost celebration, the mood of the cathedral was suddenly transformed - the processional hymn came to an end, and thanks to Wirral Samba School, carnival rhythms echoed around the vast auditorium. The drummers led the congregation out onto the streets to celebrate afresh the power and presence of God through his Holy Spirit.

    The celebration continued as musicians and singers lined Hope Street for the bi-annual Two Cathedral Procession. Salvation Army musicians came together from across Merseyside and Holy Family School brought along their steel band. We are also grateful to Liz Winnard and her band, Sefton Music Service and Love & Joy Gospel choir for their support.

    On the first Christian Pentecost, the early Christians sooned realised that this was not an experience that they could keep to themselves. Jesus has promised that his Holy Spirit would help them make the Good News of his Gospel known. The Apostle Peter stood up and begin to speak with a new clarity and boldness of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In a similar way, as we took to the streets we sought to share our story with a simple prayer card which might well have brought you to this website.

    The crowd eventually arrived at Liverpool's Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King where the service, that had begun at one end of Hope Street, continued at the other. The journey between the two cathedrals has always been an important symbol for Christians from every tradition and background of our commitment and calling to walk together and watch over one another in love.

    As the congregation re-assembled we prayed for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, and for the the life and well-being of the communities and people of Merseyside. The Two-Cathedrals service was only one element in our weekend of Pentecost celebrations. On the previous evening Christians had gathered at the Temple of Praise in Anfield. (home of Love and Joy Gospel Choir)The evening had included a time to pray for the communities of Merseyside by making a symbolic hand print on a map of the region. The map was carried in the procession and brought to the Metropolitan Cathedral as a sign of our prayers for our communities.

    As the service came to an end, Wirral Samba band had also made the journey along Hope Street and were waiting to continue the celebrations. On the first Pentecost, St Peter declared that this had been foretold by an Old Testament Prophet, Joel. The prophet declared that God's Spirit would be outpoured on all people, young and old alike. It was a fitting climax to our Pentecost celebrations that people from across our region could come together and celebrate. May we all know the peace and presence of God in our lives!

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