• It was great to meet you

    If you are visiting this website because someone gave you a card like this one - then thanks for calling in. You will have received the card from a member of the Christian community on Merseyside. Although we have many strands and traditions, Christians are committed to working together to share Good News and seek God's presence in our communities.

    As part of our Pentecost celebrations, we have been praying for our region of Merseyside and the people who live here. Pentecost was a moment when the early Christians experienced God's presence in a new and dramatic way. Our prayer for you is that you too might find God's presence; whoever gave you this card has also prayed for you.

    If you would like to know more about our faith, then you could visit a local church or one of our cathedrals, or use the link above to visit a website that can tell you more

    Thanks again for visiting - may God bless you today

    Churches Together in Merseyside Region - Quaker Meeting House,22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3B